Why choose Radiochirurgia Zagreb?


  • Painless
  • The most advanced diagnostics methods like virtual colonoscopy
  • Quick and no waiting list
  • High level of diagnostics precision and test resolution
  • High speed, ultra low dose CT capable of reconstructing 384 slices per rotation
  • Multiparametric prostate imaging using Siemens MAGNETOM RT Pro edition Skyra 3T MRI
  • Guided tissue sampling in cases indicating possibility of cancer or disease relapse
  • Taking tissue samples with MRI puncture
  • Examination of previous imaging results
  • Confirmation of findings in case of uncertainty
  • Performance tracking during the treatment process
  • Disease diagnostics in 4 hours period


  • The most advanced technology in the wider region
  • 3D CT guided intervention, syngo LungCARE CT and syngo Lung CAD, computer-assisted detection
  • MR simulator radiotherapy and radiosurgery
  • Painless, non-invasive, without blood, shorter treatment duration and maximum precision
  • Clinical studies unavailable anywhere else in the wider legion
  • Multidisciplinary approach
  • Personal oncologist which guarantees care continuity
  • Cooperation with other oncological centers
  • Privacy and comfort during treatment process